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The Sesameed Way

Why Sesameed?

There are other good consultants in the market, but we at Sesameed take pride in what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

To us, our consulting work is not just any other job. We are a group of boarding school lovers who understand the life-changing impact of boarding education and want to do our best to spread this good news to as many families as possible to influence the life trajectories of as many of our next generation as possible. Everything we do here at Sesameed is guided by this laser-sharp focus on what is best for your child and his/her long-term life success. We understand that our work affects lives, and we take our work very seriously.

Many consultants cover boarding schools as a side dish; at Sesameed, boarding schools are our main course. And we study and immerse ourselves in this field more deeply than anyone else. Even among the few boarding school consultants out there, few cover boarding schools beyond one country. At Sesameed, we cover all boarding schools in the world*: American, Canadian, British, Swiss, you name it. Not only that, we have made it a point to vet every school before we recommend it to our families, so we dare say that we have been to more boarding schools in the world than any other boarding school consultant or consultancy ever. We know boarding schools well.

*boarding schools that share the western September-to-June academic calendar.

While we are fully committed to delivering application success, we do not lose sight of our duty to build a strong foundation for your child’s life ahead. We firmly believe life’s ultimate success is driven more by our character and moral compass than anything else, and this belief is deeply rooted in and reflected throughout our interview training, essay coaching, and life coaching curricula. We take a long view toward grooming our next generation.

We do not hide ourselves in the background; we actively engage in discrete, strategic dialogues with our boarding schools and openly advocate for our students. Your child will not be just another applicant ID number, but someone that Sesameed takes a solid stance in promoting his/her fit (or, in industry’s terms, mission-appropriateness) to the school. Our Founder’s Track Record reflects the effectiveness of our work.

With 22 years of boarding school experience under our belt, it will be a challenge to find a more suitable team to ensure your child’s boarding school application success.

Our Services

No matter where you are in your boarding school application journey, we will have something that suits your family’s needs.

Sesameed’s Signature Program: The Full Course

The Full Course is the industry’s most comprehensive boarding school application program for any family who has decided to apply to boarding school. It includes every element of the process, from developmental needs analysis, multi-year education planning, country fit, strategic positioning, profile building, school selection, interview training, essay coaching, to ultimately, school advocacy.

Many families would elect to top off the Full Course program with our renowned campus tour service (sold separately) to achieve the best optimal application outcome.

Some families prefer to be more hands-on with their child’s boarding school application process but still find it helpful for an extra boost in certain elements of the process. We offer a full suite of à la carte choices to suit every family’s unique needs.

Interview Training

Your child will receive the same interview training as what is in the Full Course, except that the service will be sold in an initial package of 10 lessons with optional top-ups in packages of 5 lessons each.

Essay Coaching

Your child will receive the same essay coaching as what is in the Full Course, except that the service will be sold in an initial package of 10 lessons with optional top-ups in packages of 5 lessons each.

Campus Tour

We are not a typical tour organizer. We lead campus tours with a deeper purpose. We are there to help families decipher the various nuances and subtle differences among the boarding schools. Every boarding school is unique, and collectively, everything you see within a boarding school has been carefully thought out and put together to relay a very specific mission message to its visitors. With us accompanying you along the way, you will reap the full benefits of visiting a boarding school.

And if you are planning to bring your child along this tour to conduct the interviews on campus, you will all the more find our presence even more critical and irreplaceable. Interviews are the most decisive part of the application process, and having a coach along the way during this intense final week will make all the difference in the outcome. Put it another way, we rarely witness a Wimbledon player playing on the field without his/her tennis coach right there with the player, for the player.

Summer School Search & Application

Residential summer programs are excellent ways to test whether your child will like boarding school. There is a summer school for every child’s interest. Spare your research time and efforts, and use our search service to plan for a purpose-led, enjoyable summer experience for your child.

Ongoing Monitoring & Advisory Service

This is often used as a pre-application service where parents are already inclined to prepare their child for boarding school while their child is still a few years away from applying. Under this service, we will be monitoring your child along the way in 4 key developmental areas: academic, extracurricular, social, and personal, and providing ongoing advice to ensure the best possible preparation for your child’s eventual boarding school application.

Life Coaching

This is a post-application service where you have already enrolled your child into a boarding school, but would like to have an experienced life coach to mentor and guide your child to make the most of his/her journey at the boarding school. While each boarding school will supply an advisor to each student, many Asian families still find it helpful for an additional Asian-style mentorship that strikes the right balance among the boarding school experience, university outcome, and ultimately, life success.

Wherever you are in your boarding school application process, count on us as your most trusted partner on this most pivotal and transformative journey of your child’s education career.

Our Service Model

We like to see ourselves as the Navy SEALs of the boarding school consultant world: small, yet powerful. As such, we prefer to be agile and mobile and go everywhere (anywhere) to meet our clients, yet remain asset-light without planting an office in every city to keep our costs low and fees affordable.

We operate like boarding schools. In places where we do not hold an office, we like to meet our families at reputable business centers or hotel lobby cafes. Once we have established trust on each side, we move online for subsequent meetings and training. Only in such a way can we maximize our service efficiency and scale up our impact for our communities.

Founder's Track Record

Where others have gone

Over the past 22 years, Daniel has helped students receive offers from the following boarding schools:

Boarding Schools (United States)
Boarding Schools (United Kingdom)
Boarding Schools (Canada)
Boarding Schools (Switzerland)

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