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Sesameed’s story can be traced back to our Founder Daniel Szeto’s first entrance into the education field when he cofounded Foundation Programs in 2001 in Hong Kong. In the form of an academic enrichment summer program in Shanghai, Foundation Programs opened the door for high-achieving high school students from the West to immerse in China for 4-6 weeks and learn about the country’s social, economic, political, and cultural landscapes. 

Over the next 8 years, Foundation Programs continued to grow and eventually also expanded to India. As the Program Director, Daniel visited hundreds of top schools globally each year to recruit the best candidates for this selective program. During the process, Daniel built meaningful connections with the schools, their faculty, and most importantly, their students.

In 2009, the Global Financial Crisis put a halt on spending among many Western families. Daniel pivoted into the field of admission consulting for students aiming for top overseas boarding schools and universities and relaunched the business as Foundation Global Education (“Foundation”). 

Over the next 14 years, under Daniel’s leadership, Foundation extended out of its Hong Kong base into Greater China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. During this time, Foundation went from serving just a handful of students to over 200 families each year, making it the largest non-mainland-based boarding school consultancy in China.

In 2023, Daniel stepped down from his headship at Foundation to start up a new education venture, Sesameed Education, focused on spreading the good news of boarding education to families in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Our Mission

For Our Next Generation

At Sesameed, we are driven by one unifying purpose: guiding our next generation toward the best possible education opportunities. And from our past 22 years of experience with the elite education world, we simply do not see any type of education establishment that can systematically deliver a more holistic and wholesome development to our teenagers for life success than boarding schools.

We accomplish our mission in a three-step process:

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